Tyler Lorenzi's unexpected death at age 23 inspired two of his college friends to create a feature-length documentary exploring his "say yes" life philosophy.  In Ty's List, three people from different walks of Ty's life -- strangers to each other -- embark on a journey together to complete an adventurous list of Ty's favorite things to do in the Bay Area.  In the process, they ultimately learn that while we can't choose how we will die, we can choose how we will live. Ty's List is an inspiring film that reflects upon how to take advantage of all the potential life has to offer, and encourages us to live with as much passion, open-mindedness, and spirit as Tyler did. Learn more about the film and Ty!


Ty's List is a documentary about living life to the fullest


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"For what is life but a beautiful trip, to let your mind run wild and just tick, tick, tick." -Ty

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"I think I figured out the key to being a happy and positive person. The ability to smile, both with your face and your soul, and be internally conscious of it. Then to smile at the fact that you're smiling, ad infinitum."-Ty

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"Life is good." -Ty's life motto


"It's a great place to meet someone." -Ty

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"Why can't we just get away more often?" -Ty


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- In loving memory of our dear friend, Tyler Lorenzi -


- May 31, 1987 - May 13, 2011 -


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