Spring is bringing good things for Ty's List!

Happy spring, Ty’s List supporters! As we are welcoming warmer weather in Chicago, progress for Ty’s List is also heating up! Read on for all the ways our project has evolved in the past two months.

We Found a Home! 

Next Door Café, a coffee shop turned collaborative work environment owned by State Farm, has graciously granted us the position as their “project in residence.” This means we have our own, work station. Which is especially important now because… 

We Got Interns! 

Dulcinee and Emma, both current students at Northwestern, have joined the Ty’s List team and have already been of tremendous help to us. Emma has been working to find and license music, while Dulcinee is gathering information on film festivals. Though for now we’re still in the researching phase, we are getting closer to picture locking, bringing us to… 

Our Latest Cut 

We are confident that the latest version of Ty’s List is the best yet. We recently had a screening at the Next Door Café and received some great feedback that we are going to incorporate as we finish up the movie. The animation portion is now set and we’re starting to wind down the editing process. We’ll be picture-locked in just a couple weeks (that’s fancy talk for done editing).  

We Want YOU 

Being first time documentarians, everything we know we have learned from reaching out to local filmmakers and experts. If you would like to be a part of this expanding and exciting project, please contact us. We appreciate any help, whether it’s tips on film festivals or ideas for spreading the word on our project. 

Thank you so much for reading and we hope you have an adventurous and fulfilling day.