Reflections on the Past Month

The last 31 days have been an incredible adventure. Over the last month, we’ve met some amazing people, had experiences we’ll never forget, learned so much about Tyler’s life, and put in hundreds of hours of work and hundreds of hours of play. Starting with the week-long trip in San Francisco, we saw three people who loved Tyler come together to spend a week going on adventures, learning about Ty, and learning about each other. Steve, Doug, and Becky are truly incredible people and we feel privileged to have gotten to know them, hear their stories and insights, and to see parts of Ty they carry with them shining through in each of their lives.

Behind the scenes, something else happened. As a production crew, we grew into a tight knit family. Somewhere between spending a week living in the same house, going through the highs and lows of production, eating together, and hanging out during downtime, special friendships were formed. We’re very proud of everything everyone contributed and the quality of work that came out of it. Thanks guys!

Since filming, we’ve done some adventuring ourselves! We spent another week exploring San Francisco, then visited Ben’s home in New Jersey, visited New York, drove to Boston, hung out in Vermont, and road-tripped back to the Midwest. It’s been a chaotic whirlwind of traveling (sorry it’s been so long since an update!) but we’re finally back, settled down and ready to take on the next phase of our project: post-production.

We still have a long way to go, but we’re so happy with what we got in San Francisco and so thankful to the many people who helped us and continue to lend their support as we continue in our endeavor. Looking forward to keeping you all updated! Life is Good!

- Jesse and Ben