Summer Update!

Hello Everyone,

Yet again, a long time has passed since our last update, but that means we have a lot to say!


Along with working on the film, I (Jesse/JDogg/Chiefy/JJ Maverick/Tojo Jesseopolis the Bengal Warrior King) had a great summer working for Chicago Voyagers, a local non-profit that brings at risk teens out of the city and into the woods, for learning and growth through experiential education in a natural setting. They also happen to be our fiscal sponsor for the film, so it’s kind of full circle, ya know? Ben has been living in Chicago working for AJAX Workforce Marketing and besides working on the movie, attended Burning Man Arts Festival in the desert of Nevada. Whoa dude.


But enough about us, Ty’s List is why you’re really here. The film has made serious progress this summer. First off, we found a new editor! Ursula Ellis, a recent Northwestern Grad and current Columbia University Film grad student, has brought amazing editing talent and a set of fresh eyes that was sorely needed. We finished a second cut of the film and are painstakingly close to finishing a third cut. It’s been an incredibly exciting process as we narrow our focus, bring out certain themes, craft the story, and carry on Ty’s spirit. 


(Isn’t Ursula awesome? We dig her.)


We have produced a video for Expedia to be released online as part of their Find Yours Campaign. We’re super excited about it and we think it has major potential to spread our message and generate a lot of buzz for the film. Look out for the official release soon! In conjunction with the video release, we will be launching a beautiful new website! 



Our Musical Director, Josh Brechner has been hard at work securing licensed music from amazing independent musicians. Bands who have committed with contracts include Levi RobinRin Tin Tiger, and Christine Hoberg! Check them out!



We have decided to include a short animation in the film and we’re pretty giddy about it. It’s almost like creating a whole other short film within our feature, so it’s exciting, but also going to be a lot of work. We’re had the pleasure of courting some awesome Northwestern editors, but if you know of any good ones, we’re always looking for more collaborators!

We have reevaluated our budget and determined that we need to launch another fundraising campaign to finish the film. There are many additional costs that really add up…such as errors and omissions insurance, festival fees, animation, sound editing, titling, subtitling, color correction, and more. The campaign will officially begin with the release of the Expedia Commercial and the launch of the new website, but if you’re interested in donating now, please visit our website or contact us for more information.


Thanks for reading! Look out for more updates as things continue to roll along. Remember to take time to tell people that you love and appreciate them! Be well.

Life is good!

- Jesse and Ben