To Virginia!

Exciting news — We just completed our first big weekend of shooting in Virginia! The big trip will be shot in San Fran in August, but until then we’ll be traveling around the country attending Ty events, meeting people who knew Ty, and doing interviews….


Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 6.17.59 PM

Why were we in Virginia, you might ask? Well, Ty was doing research out of the National Institute of Aerospace for NASA at the time of his death. He built a small but tight community of friends and colleagues there, and they gathered on the one year anniversary of Ty’s death to dedicate a memorial that they constructed for Ty and Alex Brown, who also died in the accident. The memorial is a beautiful outdoor eating and gathering area that was designed and built by his friends at the NIA. Ty continues to bring people together. We got some great footage of the event and did a lot of interviews.

Also, we met Steve and Lia, two of the people going on the trip to San Fran!

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 6.06.19 PM

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 6.05.20 PM

It was awesome to finally meet and get to know two of the amazing people who will be with us on our journey to delve into Ty’s life philosophy and live life to the fullest!

Here’s the link to the entire album of stills from the weekend on Flickr!


Also, on the same weekend we were in Virginia, a group of Northwestern Students gathered on the beautiful “Lake Fill” overlooking Chicago, to hang out, laugh and remember Ty together. Our rouge camera man in the field, Jack Foster, was there to film it and made an amazing video that I’ll post in the next update and can also be viewed at this link:

That’s about all for now! Backers, we can’t thank you enough for your vital contributions. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for you all. The rewards are coming slowly but surely, we haven’t forgotten! Ty continues to be our inspiration and our guiding light as we work to make this film a reality. Life is Good!

- Jesse and Ben