Winter update!

Hello friends, family, loyal fans, supporters, and champions,

It’s looong time since we last posted and we figured it’s about time for an update! Last we left you, we were beginning post-production. Well, now we’re knee deep in it! Editing a documentary is a huge undertaking; the story lives within the footage and it’s our job to coax it out.  With over 70 hours of footage though, it’s like hunting for one rare stone among piles of rubble (very well shot and interesting rubble though!).
*****The Abbey Road of Ty’s List!*******
That’s where our editor, Angela comes in! Over the past couple months, we’ve been working with her to really hone the story down and have begun editing scenes. Typically, we meet with her once a week to go over scenes she’s edited as well as give her direction on the next scenes she’ll be tackling. We expect to have a rough cut by the end of March/early April! Here’s a blog post that she wrote after beginning the project, we found it very inspirational!

In addition to editing the feature-length film, we’ve been working on a short piece for the travel agency Expedia. Expedia paid for everyone’s flight and also helped sponsor the film’s travel expenses, and in return we’re taking part in their “Find Yours” campaign! It’s very exciting for us because Expedia has a huge social media presence, which will really generate some buzz for the film. Here’s their campaign anthem:
Along with a short video that ours will be similar to:
Look out for ours soon!

Also, Ben and I have been invited to present our project at a Northwestern Alumni Association event in New York City! Each year they select graduates or students who are doing something noteworthy and have them speak. This year, they chose Ty’s List! We’re so grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to show people a small bit of what we’ve put together!

Lastly, the merchandise finally came in! That means Kickstarter rewards are finally set to be sent out! Look for them shortly, they’ll be in the mail soon!  

Life is good!

Jesse and Ben