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Ty's List is a feature length documentary inspired by the life of our friend Tyler Lorenzi who taught us that we can't choose how we will die, we can only choose how we will live.



 Ty lived life with a passion and an awareness that life is full of potential everywhere you look. His unexpected death at age 23 inspired two of his college friends to create a feature-length documentary exploring his "say yes" life philosophy. In Ty's List, three people from different walks of Ty's life -- strangers to each other -- embark on a journey together to complete an adventurous list of Ty's favorite things to do in the Bay Area. 

From the extraordinary pancakes at Ty's favorite brunch spot (The Dipsea Diner), to the arduous path up Mt. Tamalpais, there was always a lesson learned about remembering a lost friend and moving forward with hope and conviction.

It is easy to forget all the amazing potential life has to offer, especially in the face of horrific tragedy. This self-exploratory film shows thought-provoking characters turning a negative event into invigoration and passion for life. Ty’s List asks viewers the tough questions surrounding, grief, love, appreciation and meaning.

Whether it is saying "yes" a little more, befriending strangers, or taking the time to do what you love, Ty’s List aims to open the dialogue surrounding how YOU are living your life!



- Meet the Trip Participants -


Doug, Steve, and Becky all knew Tyler from different parts of his life.  They had the adventure of a lifetime exploring San Francisco together.



Doug is 23 years old and lives in San Francisco, California. He is a high school drama teacher, high school spiritual retreat planner, and entrepreneur. He and Ty both went to Northwestern and were backpacking counselors together. Each summer before school started, they would take incoming freshman on week-long hiking trips.




Becky is 24 years old and lives in Los Altos, CA. She works for Google in the Online Sales Department. Becky met Ty at science camp in 2003, and soon after they became best friends. She took him as a date to her prom, and their friendship stayed strong through college, as they frequently exchanged handwritten letters.




Steve is 51, and lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Mathews Co, Virginia. He's a paramedic who transports critical patients between hospitals. When Ty went to work for NASA he rented a room in Steve's condo. What started as a roommate relationship quickly turned into an amazing friendship.