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Ty's List is a feature length documentary inspired by the life of our friend Tyler Lorenzi who taught us that you can't choose when you will die, you can only choose how you will live.


Ty lived life with a passion and an awareness that life is full of potential everywhere you look. In the wake of his unexpected death at 23-years-old, two of his college buddies embark on a journey to learn more about his "say yes" life philosophy by sending three people who knew him from different and unique perspectives on a trip to Ty's hometown of San Francisco, as they learn more about Ty through an adventurous list he wrote of his favorite things to do in the Bay Area.

Ty's death served as a wake up call for us to begin seeing the potential in everything around us and start living life to the fullest. Seeing how Ty lived his life is something that the world can benefit from. It is easy to forget all the amazing potential life has to offer, but Ty's life and this open-minded exploratory trip to San Francisco aims to serve as a reminder. Whether it is saying "yes" a little more, befriending strangers, or taking the time to do what you love, this film aims to open the dialogue about appreciating life and remembering that life is good!


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