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Ty Lorenzi was a NASA engineer, a poet, a mentor, a world traveler, a ski bum, a marathon runner, a sailor, a backpacker, and the most unique person we have ever met. Tyler was known to make good friends with a stranger on an airplane or to bring a homeless man home for dinner. He had an effect on people—an organic, genuine way of living positively that excited anyone he interacted with. Wherever he went, he always said it was "a great place to meet someone."

The Accident. ..

Only one year into his career at NASA, after graduating from Northwestern, Ty was sailing with his friends in the James River when his sailboat capsized.  He unselfishly spent his energy diving into the frigid water trying to get lifejackets to save his friends, but tragically Ty and his co-captain, Alex Brown, died from this accident.  His parents Robin and Kurt and his sister Lauren were devastated, as were the hundreds of friends, co-workers, and strangers whom he had touched during his magical life. 

The List. ..

Ty took a chunk out of his day in May 2010 to respond to a plea for advice from a friend who was visiting his hometown of San Francisco. Ty responded to his friend with a vivid, detailed and adventurous list of all his favorite things to do in the Bay Area.  After his death, the email was forwarded to us, and Ty's List soon became the inspiration for a trip that attempts to uncover what made life meaningful to Ty.

CommuniTyler. ..

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