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Ty responded to Victor's request with a long list of his favorite things to do in San Francisco. This list was the inspiration for the documentary. The list has also been a catalyst for meeting some really great people in the Bay Area and going on some very exciting adventures. See below for the full email Ty sent!

If you get a chance and have some time to burn Mill Valley, Mt. Tamalpais and Muir woods are gorgeous and there is phenomenal hiking in the area.  I'm not going to be there but that's where I grew up.  If you have a friend who has a car and make it to Marin (the only other way is from San Francisco either by bike (which give you terrible and totally false maps, bus or ferry) some fantastic eateries:

San Jose Taqueria - hand's down the best burrito I have ever had.  Go for the super wet burrito if you're hungry, and the chips are all you can eat by the way...server yourself.  Its located literally underneath the 101 Freeway in San Rafael [from San Fran head 101 North.  Take the San Rafael exit.  Turn left on 4th street and immediately park.  Its across the street from the Bikes for Kids].

Mike's Sourdough - one of the best deli sandwiches anywhere.  Plus San Francisco's phenomenal bread.  I can't give you directions because I forgot.

In 'n Out.  Its a classic.  There are a bunch.

The Dipsea - Its in Mill Valley but is my absolutely favorite brunch stop.  Competes with Walker Bros....you get the picture.

If you want a long ass hike, the Dipsea is a famous 7.1 mile (or 6.8 depending on who you ask) trail that leaves from the Depot in downtown Mill Valley, climbs up Mt. Tamalpais and then winds down to Stinson Beach.  Every year in June people run this race which happens to be the 2nd oldest foot race in the United States behind the Boston Marathon.  You can take a bus back over the hill from the beach to Mill Valley (I think its called the Stage...but people are friendly).  Oh, and you can get your bit of the Pacific Ocean at Stinson Beach, ride some waves too if you're up for it.

If you'll be in Berkeley I can give you some contacts to talk to about where to go and what to do.  There are a bunch of great restauraunts in the area, especially this great chinese place which is dirt cheap on the second floor of a strip mall but I forget the name of it.

Otherwise San Francisco is a blast and a half and there's a lot to see.  For more specific details hit up Goose (Elizabeth technically) e---@gmail.com or Frank Bauch f.---@gmail.com for more San Fran advice.  They both live there now and are Pwild alumni.  They're awesome and I love them both.

For a fun day trip you can go to Alcatraz and do the tour (I think its actually kinda interesting, but is shorter than you would expect).  If you do this you should watch either The Rock with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage or The Birdman of Alcatraz a fantastic classic film.

If you're in the mood for a theme park there are 3 large ones in the area:  Six Flags Great America is the California version of Six Flags with all the roller coasters, etc.

Sea World (not the awesome one in San Diego, but still pretty legit) has a ton of water animals and roller coasters. This is where I went on my first scary roller coaster--I was in High school.

Water World (fantastic water park.  totally legit. but its in Concord which is the kind of a trek).

Other memorable things I'd recommend:

In Sausalito - go to the candy store.  The owner let's you try as much as you want before you buy and they have a fantastic selection of salt water taffy.

Golden Gate Bridge - its pretty legit.  And only 3 people died while it was under construction-or maybe none, i forget.  If you walk across the bridge, stand with your back against the suspension towers and look up, if there are clouds it might feel like you're falling.  Random fact: for the bridge's 75th anniversary they closed it off for pedestrians and it actually drooped in the middle because there were so many people.

Sunset - go up Mt. Tam.  Basically drive through Mill valley up the mountain and when you get to the sign for Pantoll, turn right and keep driving up.  At some point there will be a left hand street.  Drive out for a while.  Its a beautiful view.

At night - drive up the headlands for a beautiful view of the city.  From SF on 101 North (aka the Golden Gate Bridge) once you get off the bridge take the first exit toward Sausalito.  Once you're on the offramp, stay left through the stop sign.  You'll drive under the freeway past a stop sign and then take your first right and drive up the hill.  You will see gravel parking a ways up, there are old barracks you can walk out on and look at the glorious bay.

The Exploratorium - this is a hand's on science museum located in the Presidio of San Francisco.  I used to work there.  You can dissect cow's eyes, get yourself inside a bubble.  Take shadow pictures, even go inside a tactile dome (its pitch black so you feel like you're blind and have to find your way around by feel....although this costs extra).  Its awesome, and all the exhibits are interactive and a combination of art and science.

Wow...hope that's a start.  Let me know if you need anything, and probably more importantly if you'll have access to a car.  Are you visiting someone?

Peace, love and español